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A Bit About Me

Hi! Welcome to Ah-ha Tutoring where my main goal is to support all students by reaching their learning goals in any mathematics classroom. 
My name is Hannah Washburn, I am currently a junior studying Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Mathematics and Literature. I have dreamed of being a teacher from a very young age and would love to help you or your student in any way I can. 
I am a decorated scholar by recieving scholarships as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and a scholarship through the CResT Program at UNCC Charlotte. These two programs have taught me so much about the wants and needs of education and are continuingly keeping me current on those. 
These wants and needs in education were at an all time high during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was lucky enough to tutor many students as they were learning virtually and help them meet their own goals and even surpass them. 
As normalcy is reinstated in our schools and campuses, it is normal to wonder if you or your student have any gaps that may need to be bridged as you prepare for this upcoming school year. My purpose for creating Ah-ha Tutoring is to help you feel prepared and confident when learning in any Mathematics classroom by helping you reach that "ah-ha" moment during our time together. 
I would love to take the weight of concern off your shoulders by tutoring you or your student in Mathematics. You can get in touch with me through phone or email by clicking the button below!

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